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Buying Jerome Dreyfuss Bags
Jerome Dreyfuss is a French designer. He started with a line of clothing and expanded to accessories. At present, his line of bags is available in different countries across the world. His bags are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive designer bags available today but one can rest assured that his designs are one of the best.  

Designer Jerome Dreyfuss

Jerome Dreyfuss’ first interest was women’s clothing. He showed his first collection when he was 23 years old. He was then labeled as Enfant Terrible mainly for his extravagance and uniqueness. This does not stop him. His clothing line continued up to present. However, he ventured into fashionable accessory bags in 2016.


Jerome Dreyfuss Bag Collection

Jerome Dreyfuss called his first handbag collection Roots de Luxe. Each bag was then labeled with male names. Some examples are Billy, Bob, Gilbert, Henri, Max, Oscar and Twee. Most items were made from crocodile and alligator leathers. For details, Jerome Dreyfuss loves to use bright materials. He also likes bold and vibrant colors.

One of the Jerome Dreyfuss bags that you should check is the Albert bag. It is the only one in Jerome Dreyfuss bag collection that is made from tweed lambskin. It is a minimal pouch. It has three zipped gussets and adjustable shoulder strap. His Billy bags are also a must see. It is available in black, mustard and Bordeaux python. It can be carried by hand or shoulder.

Jerome Dreyfuss received international fame. His bags are available in many countries including United States, France and Tokyo. In the United States alone, you can find Jerome Dreyfuss bags at Barneys and Freed Segal. Jerome Dreyfuss also has an online store in French language for his accessories.

Clients and Jerome Dreyfuss Bags

Jerome Dreyfuss bags are often seen carried by famous personalities like Diane Kruger, Audrey Tautou, Jade Jagger, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel. Diane Kruger was seen holding a Momo. Audrey Tautou is known to have the Billy and Frank Jerome Dreyfuss bags. Jade Jagger has the Enzo bag. Sarah Jessica Parker has a Bruno bag. Jessica Biel was seen having the same Jerome Dreyfuss bag.

Jerome Dreyfuss Bag Prices

Today, you will find replicas of Jerome Dreyfuss bags. You should definitely be careful when shopping for the original ones. There are some stores that sell replicas but market them as the original ones and charge prices the same as the price of authentic Jerome Dreyfuss bags. On the other hand, there are dealers of Jerome Dreyfuss replica bags that tell the truth and charge way lower prices. It is a great alternative for people who are looking for beautiful bags that are very affordable. However, you should not expect replica bags to have the same exotic leathers like alligator and crocodile leathers and expensive hardware.
If you want the authentic Jerome Dreyfuss bags for a lower price, you can wait for a sale. It is normal for designers to reduce the prices of bags of the previous collection when there are new collections.

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Stella, Oscar or Louis

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How do you compare the quality of the replica watches with that of the original ones?

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Price Tug of War

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Direct Advantage

No sense ripping off yourself the satisfaction and joy of owning designer items. Choose to buy high-end replica items, instead, that are of same quality, identical elements and appearance, and same usage that can ultimately give you the same satisfaction as buying ultra expensive stressful-to-find authentic designer items. Just as faux fur is so much better and environment-friendly so is replica items more accommodating and more pocket-friendly than the rest of authentic fashion necessities.