After narrowing down your choice of LV bag to the one that will fit your needs best, the next thing to look into is the design and the brand. You have to go with a brand that will exude sophistication and class - designer brands like Chanel, Burberry and Hermes.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

Vuitton handbag When people talk about Louis Vuitton they mean luxurious and stylish French. Why not? Vuitton has a wonderful history. In 1854, Vuitton started in the industry as a producer of trunks. And to prove the success of his business, his beautiful accessories and well-made luggage bags have long been famous for they are made with the highest quality and sophistication. Actually, this business has expanded to producing different leather bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, and travel items.
Louis Vuitton’s son created the ever famous Monogram Canvas, the design which hit the market in 1896. However, he didn’t want to get in the way of Louis Vuitton’s own line. Since then, there have been circulations of Louis Vuitton replica on different products. There are Louis Vuitton replica accessories, bags, and shoes. In fact, the manufacturers of these fake Louis Vuitton bags are based in Paris also. 

What shoul perfect Louis Vuitton replica look like

Many buyers prefer buying replica Louis Vuitton bags because they are a lot more affordable than the real one. If you have the same goal, distinguishing authentic LV handbags from replicas will help you find the best replica that really look like the real deal. These details will also be beneficial in the future once you’re ready to buy an authentic LV handbag. The following are simple tips in spotting authentic LVs from replicas:

Look for Leather Trims

LV utilizes cowhide leather in making different Louis Vuitton handbags. Coated canvas is also another material used for its bags. Despite of using different main bag materials, the brand retained the same element for all models—the leather trims.

Spotting if the trims are made from leather or not is the simplest way of distinguishing authentic LV bags from replicas. Replicas don’t use leather, but similar material as the main body of bag. This means they use canvas, coated plastic, or materials that are not leather. 

Feel the trim if they are made from leather. If the trim is made from leather, the feel should be dry rather than being oily. You can also be familiar with leather materials used in other products to ensure you’ll get the right replica.

Check the Hardware

LV bags are known for their hardware. Hardware are the chains and clasps used as branding elements or for additional functionality. An authentic LV bag has hardware made from golden brass hardware. Replicas often have plastic hardware coated with metallic gold or silver finishes.

Feel the hardware and try to weigh them on your hand. See if they feel heavy or not. Heavy hardware means they are made from metal, which is also a sign of an LV bag’s authenticity. Look for a replica with heavy hardware to get a good replica that can fool anyone.

Another important thing to check in the hardware is the quality of coating. Low quality coating tends to peel off in time. Louis Vuitton uses top quality coating and correct application procedure. They won’t peel regardless of regular use. If you’re buying secondhand replicas, see if the coating has chipped off to get top caliber copies.

See the “Made in…” Mark

Louis Vuitton is a brand in France, which means its products should have a tag or patch indicating that it’s made in France. However, an LV bag with tags like “Made in Germany” doesn’t mean that it’s a fake copy. LV sets its production solely in France for many years, but the company also established production in different countries. Don’t be surprised if you see LV bags made in Italy, Spain, Germany and the USA. 

When looking for replicas, look for bags with tags indicating being made in the aforementioned countries to get a good copy.

Stitching Makes the Difference

LV is a top luxury brand, which means it takes pride in its products’ construction. Look at the brand if it has uneven or sloppy stitching. Louis Vuitton won’t release products with sloppy stitching in the market. The brand has in-house quality checkers, ensuring that every product passed the brand’s standards to assure buyers of its quality.

Stitching is also a good point to check in buying replica. Choose a replica with quality stitching to avoid giving an impression that you’re wearing a replica piece.

Color Changes with Age

Cowhide leather is a quality material used in LV bags. Unlike other leather, cowhide retains its oxidizing properties. This means that the material and monogramming will turn darker as it ages. The monogram should have dark honey color depending on the product’s age.

In choosing a replica, choose a bag that has dark honey color, which will leave an impression that your bag is an older LV.

Look at the Package

Louis Vuitton bags come with special pack that encloses them while in the warehouse or stores. Packages can also be used in spotting replicas. Authentic LVs have LV initials only or Louis Vuitton in text on the pack. Replicas have both LV initials, Louis Vuitton in text, and other printed details on the pack. If someone is selling you an LV bag with a fully-detailed package, don’t buy it an expensive price since there’s a high chance that the product is a counterfeit.

Hang Tags Don’t Often Matter

You will see a lot of replicas with hang tags. Hang tags have LV initials with an array of designs. Take note that LV is a famous brand, which means it doesn’t have a reason to use hang tags just to highlight authenticity. Remove these tags once you see a top caliber copy to keep others from seeing your bag as a replica.

Buying replica Louis Vuitton bags gives your style a boost without spending a fortune. Take note of these details to distinguish authentic from replica LVs. You can also use these details to get a bag close to authentic ones.

Most celebrities patronize bags and other accessories from Louis Vuitton. Both men and women - whether they are movie actors and actresses, politicians, and other prominent figures, they are always seen roaming around with their Louis Vuitton purses. Some of the well-known figures that have been reportedly using LV bags are Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, and even Beyonce, who, according to rumors, has also the Tribute Patchwork. 

The success of the Louis Vuitton business is partly because of its designer, Marc Jacobs, who has been in the Artistic Director since 1997. He has also brought the success to the graffiti bags by Stephen Sprouse and also Louis Vuitton’s prêt-a-porter line. Now, LV is planning to commemorate the successful collaboration with Stephen Sprouse through a Tribute collection, which according to news, will be cheerful, lively, and bright, limited edition. This will surely engage men and women in fashion to grab something from that Tribute collection. LV bags

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